Your life will change the moment you let go…

Your life will change for the better, the moment you let go of the past. The baggage of your past, is like a dumpster, that just keeps getting heavier and heavier, the longer you drag it along with you. The heavier it gets, the more you focus on the pain of dragging it along with you, rather than standing firmly in the present, and creating your future.

Let it go.

Recently, I found myself fuming over some issues that I had been dragging along, and caught myself using the “story” as an excuse to procrastinate over some really amazing things that are happening on my horizon. I was struggling to prepare for a speaking engagement I have in July, and was feeling overwhelmed wondering how I was going to “fit it all in” when the pressure I had created finally caused me to step back and realize where my thoughts had taken me. No wonder I could not get anywhere, I was using 80% of my “bandwidth” to worry over the past, which left nothing to work on the present.

I just let it all go, and suddenly I was free. Now I was back in the present, focusing on the task at hand. I opened my calendar and realized that I had plenty of time to prepare. My preparations moved forward quickly and and now I am ready.

The next day, I received an email from my friend, John Assaraf, inviting me to spend 10 days sailing the Mediterranean, on an amazing Mega Yacht with his family and associates. I had nothing on the calendar that week, and agreed to meet John and his group on the boat in Monte Carlo. We are flying to the boat from Nice, France by helicopter! Better than a water taxi!

It will be a life changing journey, and it happened simply because I mustered up the courage to “let it all go” and focus on my amazing future.

John Assaraf is a best selling author of several books, including “Having it All” and “The Secret.” John’s company, OneCoach provides ongoing training, coaching and business consulting for my company, Bug! Realty USA, Inc.

Thank you John! KS

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