The Answer: Change your brain, change your life

Cassis, Corsica.  Yesterday, John Assaraf presented his new book, “The Answer” in a 2 hour lecture on his research on how you can reprogram your brain for success.  We discussed how to pinpoint your own passions and achieve your business goals, use the law of attraction, and rewire your brain using a step-by-step neural reconditioning process, all of which creates a powerful mind-set for success.

The most amazing part of this journey has been being surrounded by so many like-minded successful people.

Kevin Seney & John Assaraf aboard the Sea Dream Yacht

John Assaraf is a speaker, entrepreneur, and the internationally best-selling author of Having it All and was featured in the movie and book The Secret.  John resides in San Diego, CA and is the founder and CEO of OneCoach.

Take the Passion Test

St. Tropez France.  Janet Attwood, author of the book, “The Passion Test” was our guest speaker yesterday.  She conducted a workshop with our group and later we gathered on the rear of the boat, for a sunset coctail party.  It was an incredible day.  I would highly recommend her book, and taking “The Passion Test” on her website:

St. Tropez…

BTW, I got my wings back

I finally got started on my pilot license instrument rating and completed my check ride Saturday.  This morning I am flying my dream plane, the New Piper Matrix, with my flying pal, Mike Borden at High Performance Aircraft! 


Getting back in the air made me realize how important it is to have something you are totally passionate about.  When you act on your dreams, you take risks and push yourself to the limit to achieve them.  That energy fuels your ambition throughout your career and personal life.  Life is too short to worry about the past.  Dream, and dream big…  KS

First Stop, Portofino Italy

July is set to be the most amazing month of the year!  this Wednesday, I leave to Italy to join John Assaraf and his group on a Mega Yacht in the Mediterranean.  First Stop, Portofino Italy.  I am meeting up with an old friend at the Splendido Hotelfor lunch, overlooking the harbor below.

I was in Portofino years ago, but it is difficult to drive into, there is no parking, no hotels, etc. but this time it should be fantastic!  To sail into that harbor, on a luxury yacht will be unbelievable!  Then on to Poltu Quaru, Sardinia; Corsica, Cassis, France, St. Tropez and more!

Finally, I return to San Francisco on July 22, for a speaking engagement at the Inman Real Connect SF 2008.  I will update that event as it unfolds, but for now, it is time for a much needed adventure.  More to come…  KS