The Answer: Change your brain, change your life

Cassis, Corsica.  Yesterday, John Assaraf presented his new book, “The Answer” in a 2 hour lecture on his research on how you can reprogram your brain for success.  We discussed how to pinpoint your own passions and achieve your business goals, use the law of attraction, and rewire your brain using a step-by-step neural reconditioning process, all of which creates a powerful mind-set for success.

The most amazing part of this journey has been being surrounded by so many like-minded successful people.

Kevin Seney & John Assaraf aboard the Sea Dream Yacht

John Assaraf is a speaker, entrepreneur, and the internationally best-selling author of Having it All and was featured in the movie and book The Secret.  John resides in San Diego, CA and is the founder and CEO of OneCoach.

2 Replies to “The Answer: Change your brain, change your life”

  1. Kevin, WHAT A TRIP! You will be so jazzed! This week is SF, so what a good “bump” to energy. Need to hear more about the trip, looked at the Passion book…and want to see video of SF! Good luck and have a great week! Patti

  2. Great pictures Kevin. John Assaraf and Murray did a fantastic job cracking the entrepreneurial code and teaching people how to grow any business by first reconditioning their mind for success, in his recent book “The Answer.” John is actually holding a free conference call Wednesday, August 20th @ 5pm PST. He will give his insights and tips on how to “have it all” in life. He’ll also select a few lucky people to personally mentor. Check out details and register for the call here…

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