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Philippe Baltz Nielsen Praetorian recently named Kevin Seney a “Platinum Praetorian Officer” to the International Executive Group “THE EXECUTIVE PRAETORIAN CLUB.” This group is an honorary social group of International Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Celebrities.

The history of the word “Praetorian” goes back to early Rome. The Praetorian Guard was formed by the emperor Augustus to help prevent assassins from reaching the emperor and murdering him as Brutus and his companions had murdered Julius Caesar. It was called by that name in imitation of the “Praetoria Cohors,” or select troop, which attended the person of the praetor or general of the Roman army.

Emperor Augustus made the praetorians a standing force after the battle of Actium in 31 BC. He divided them into nine cohorts (groups) of 500 soldiers each, just as with the regular legions. Augustus, in accordance with his general policy of avoiding the appearance of despotism, stationed only three of these cohorts in the capital, and dispersed the remainder in the adjacent towns of Italy.

The primary role of the Praetorians was to act as a bodyguard to the emperor and serve as a police force in the city. However, they did take to the battlefield when the need arose. Members of the guard received much higher pay than other soldiers. The scorpian appears as a symbol on much of the Praetorian equipment, possibly due to the fact that the birthsign of emperor Tiberius was scorpio.

Tiberius, under pretence of introducing a stricter discipline among them, assembled them all at the great Praetorian Camp [the Castra Praetoria] in Rome. In AD 23 this huge and strongly fortified camp was established in the eastern suburbs of the city by their notorious commander, Lucius Aelius Sejanus. Tiberius gradually gave much of his power to Sejanus, the commander of the Praetorian Guard.

Appearing in the Logo for THE EXECUTIVE PRAETORIAN CLUB is International Model and Praetorian Officer, Carol Fassler.

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