First Stop, Portofino Italy

July is set to be the most amazing month of the year!  this Wednesday, I leave to Italy to join John Assaraf and his group on a Mega Yacht in the Mediterranean.  First Stop, Portofino Italy.  I am meeting up with an old friend at the Splendido Hotelfor lunch, overlooking the harbor below.

I was in Portofino years ago, but it is difficult to drive into, there is no parking, no hotels, etc. but this time it should be fantastic!  To sail into that harbor, on a luxury yacht will be unbelievable!  Then on to Poltu Quaru, Sardinia; Corsica, Cassis, France, St. Tropez and more!

Finally, I return to San Francisco on July 22, for a speaking engagement at the Inman Real Connect SF 2008.  I will update that event as it unfolds, but for now, it is time for a much needed adventure.  More to come…  KS

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